The Conference Proceedings from the DHA2020 conference, co-organised by the Beijing Institute of Technology, University of Sheffield, the University of Waikato and the University of Bristol are, as a collective publication, the property of the Academy.

Authors of papers submitted to, and presented at, the Conference retain the rights to their individual paper.

Find Papers By Sessions

  • Session 1: General track on digital health

  • Session 2: Big data analytics and AI in digital health

  • Session 3: Digital and social media in healthcare

  • Session 4: Public health and policy

  • Session 5: Operation and supply chain in healthcare

  • Session 6: Emerging technologies in healthcare

  • Session 7: Smart health and intelligent systems for health and wellbeing

  • Session 8: E-learning and training in healthcare

  • Session 9: Online healthcare community

  • Session 10: Blockchain in healthcare

  • Session 11: Applications of new technologies for the outbreak of COVID-19

  • Session 12: Medical practitioner panel discussion

Digitalisation Adding Value to Healthcare

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